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Invite to Bloomington

  As follow-up to my last posting:
  Bloomington is about an hour's drive south of Indianapolis.  If anyone
  attending the international dioxin conference in Indy in late August would
  like a tour of the Bloomington contamination situation or to meet
  local activists working toward a safe, sane cleanup, I would be happy to
  arrange for a side trip to Bloomington for you.
  The conference, though arranged by I.U. conference bureau and chaired by
  Ron Hites (mentioned in my last posting) is rather alien to our situation
  here.  The cost is prohibitive and it appears to have a
  government/academic rather than citizen orientation.  We try to glean what
  we can from these kinds of technical research (such as Jacobsen's
  follow-up on development of children born to women who ate Lake Michigan
  fish during pregnancy).
  If there are any presenters or attendees at the conference who feel they
  might have something to offer a struggling community or grassroots
  activists who are just interested and might share the same kinds of
  concerns, I would be happy to hear from you.