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TCF Pulp Market & Pulp strength

  >Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 03:26:42
  >To: dioxin-l@essential.org
  >From: Willamette Riverkeeper <wrkeeper@teleport.com>
  >Subject: TCF Pulp Market & Pulp strength
  >Hello List servers,
  >I need some help.
  >>Pope & Talbot operates a bleach pupl plant along the banks ofthe
  Willamette River. You can guess the effluent. They defend not going
  chlorine-free because there is not a big enough specialty market for
  chlorine-free pulp. They claim if they go TCF in the current market place
  they are in trouble because they cannot achieve a chlorine-free 87/88 point
  pulp without lossing 15% fiber strength. Are they full of BS or are they
  right? Please advise. 
  >>Thank you so very very much,
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