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  >From the Washington Post, July 9, 1997, page C3
          Couldn't get to last week's Lollapalooza concert at Nissan
  Pavilion? Then catch a glimpse of some of the road show's musicians in
  Lafayette Square at noon tomorrow (July 10). 
          But they're not showing up across from the White House to make
          Former Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell - who founded
  Lollapalooza seven years ago - plans to bring his latest band, Porno for
  Pyros, to the Greenpeace-sponsored rally to protest dioxin poisoning.
  Other folks expected to show up include singer-songwriter Michelle
  Shocked; Lois Gibbs, a former resident of New York's chemically polluted
  Love Canal neighborhood; and members of the British band James.
          They'll rail against dioxin, a chemical produced when
  chlorine-based products are made or burned. The pulp and paper industry,
  which relies on chlorine bleaching, and incinerators, are major dioxin
          So why did Farrell choose this toxin?
          "My guitar player had cancer and he's a young guy," Farrell, 38,
  told the Post's Dana Hull. "When a young guy gets cancer in this country
  it must be because of the things he's eating and drinking. He's okay now."
          Indeed, Porno guitarist Peter DiStefano, who underwent
  chemotherapy and radiation therapy, will mark his 31st birthday at the
          "It was testicular cancer," said Farrell. "But he says he's making
  love better than ever." (Thank you for sharing that, Perry).
          Farrell made dioxin awareness part of this year's Lollapalooza
  tour. "We have not had a good old-fashioned American protest for a decade
  or two," he said. "There's nobody that would argue about the need for the
  world to be cleaner. I want the universe to be in harmony."
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