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new 'combustion salt laden wood' article

  luthe et al. 'towards controlling emissions from power boilers fueled w/
  salt-laden wood waste' _chemosphere_ 35:3:557-74 ('97, the current issue)
  should be of interest to people w/ a coastal or brine-pond pulp mill.
  unfortunaltly we have no direct access to this journal.  i'd appreciate
  being notified it if anyone gets a copy of this article, as stone/msla &
  mt-deq seperately say stone's burning of  pvc wastes in their hog fuel
  boiler does not produce elevated pcdd/f above what burning coastal hog fuel
  in the same issue (p. 427-52, lawrence et al.) is an article on a key topic:
  'a pharmakinetic analysis of interspecies extrapolation in dioxin risk
  tony tweedale