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Reiser's Response To Microsoft's Motion To Dismiss filed 12/23/97: now on the web.

If you start at complaint with elaborated cause of action,  and then read onwards, you can get our various memoranda, etc.  This complaint seeks remedy for Microsoft's systemic use of interface tying, and I think you'll find our legal dialogue starting to get lively.

 I would like to welcome the members of the list to make commentary on the legal strategies embodied in my response, on the points of law, and to otherwise assist me with your feedback.  Please respond directly to my email address as well as to the list.  I regret that I was not able to post this in advance of filing to enlist your aid, but your comments will probably help me with ideas to employ at the hearing.

I will probably not respond to emails I receive from list members until after I get back from Russia on Jan 11th, but please share your thoughts with me.  It will take a lot of us ants if we are to get this elephant. If you have depositions you can mail me, please do so.


Mr. Wall,  you are welcome to send me a fancier HTML version for posting on my website if you want to.

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