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Re: Naderite In Europe

  As the "underling" in question, I would appreciate a fax of said
  article.  My fax is 202.234.5176
  charles mueller wrote:
  >          Antitrust at the 'grass roots':
  >          My local newspaper, the Vero Beach (FL) Press Journal (one of the
  > Scripps Howard chain), had an editorial this morning allowing as how "Ralph
  > Nader is trying to drum up anti-Microsoft legal action in Europe... Nader,
  > who apparently despises Microsoft, sent an underling to convince the
  > European Union that it ought to kick the corporation around a bit, too.  The
  > idea should be appealing to Europeans, who some years ago extorted
  > privileged information from IBM and passed it on to their uninspired
  > computer companies.  Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea have reportedly
  > started their own Microsoft probes, even without the urging of a Naderite."
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