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RE: Microsoft And Windows 98

  	Roger Marquis correctly notes 12/18 that everything which IE is 
  integrated into apps to do could be done some other way.
  	The current generation of Office apps has 60% of its code in common.  
  Which means, among other things, that using Excel will be very much like 
  using Word which will be very much like using PowerPoint.  Which I like.  
  I can't even remember which password I use in which account, and it takes 
  me a minute or two to switch gears -- in this case, almost literally -- 
  when I drive my wife's car instead of my own.  A whole bunch of folks are 
  learning the Internet interface, and getting very comfortable using that 
  model.  IE might not be the "best" way to handle what it's being called 
  on to do in the Office apps, but it is _known_. 
  	Within my own cranium there appears to be a network benefit.
  Michael E. Etchison
  [opinions mine, not the PUCT's]