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Re: The Special Master in the Microsoft Case

  Has anyone read any of Lessig's  writings?  Has he ever written anything
  on antitrust/competition issues?  I will try to do a little bit of
  research on him when I get a chance.
  Bob Lande
  On Fri, 12 Dec 1997, Ralph Anspach wrote:
  > On Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:29:41 -0500 (EST) Todd Paglia
  > <tpaglia@essential.org> writes:
  > >To the list:
  > >
  > >    The special master appointed in the MS case will obviously play a
  > >key role.  Here is the brief description in today's W.Post:
  > >
  > >  Lessig, the special master whom Jackson appointed, is a professor at
  > >the
  > >  University of Chicago Law School and is currently a visiting 
  > >professor
  > >at
  > >  Harvard Law School. A noted specialist in technology law, he is to
  > >deliver
  > >  a report to Jackson by May 31, 1998.
  > >
  > >http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/business/longterm/microsoft/micro.htm
  > >
  > >Does anyone have any info on him -- obviously the Chicago School
  > >background looks somewhat less than promising, but I assume he is
  > >gathering info based upon specific marching orders from Judge Jackson.
  > >Any thoughts?
  > >
  > >Todd
  >       Unless there is an anomaly here,  the special master choice by
  > Jackson does seem worrysome. (Anomalies do happen.  I did my
  > undergraduate and some graduate work at the University of Chicago but
  > they put me onto  Adam Smith - and I read him.)  
  >           In case of  special master picks,  cherchez who picked them.  I
  > looked up Jackson on the web and found a few citations,  one by a certain
  > Chuck Mueller.  He pointed out that Jackson was a Reagan appointee who
  > used to be a Republican precinct captain.  Not much to go on but
  > still....
  >        Does anybody on the list know whether one can find on the web
  > resumes or brief biographies of federal judges at all levels of
  > hierarchy?  I tried to browse but failed. Would appreciate the info.
  > Ralph Anspach
  > >