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Re: The Special Master in the Microsoft Case

  On Fri, 12 Dec 1997 11:29:41 -0500 (EST) Todd Paglia
  <tpaglia@essential.org> writes:
  >To the list:
  >    The special master appointed in the MS case will obviously play a
  >key role.  Here is the brief description in today's W.Post:
  >  Lessig, the special master whom Jackson appointed, is a professor at
  >  University of Chicago Law School and is currently a visiting 
  >  Harvard Law School. A noted specialist in technology law, he is to
  >  a report to Jackson by May 31, 1998.
  >Does anyone have any info on him -- obviously the Chicago School
  >background looks somewhat less than promising, but I assume he is
  >gathering info based upon specific marching orders from Judge Jackson.
  >Any thoughts?
        Unless there is an anomaly here,  the special master choice by
  Jackson does seem worrysome. (Anomalies do happen.  I did my
  undergraduate and some graduate work at the University of Chicago but
  they put me onto  Adam Smith - and I read him.)  
            In case of  special master picks,  cherchez who picked them.  I
  looked up Jackson on the web and found a few citations,  one by a certain
  Chuck Mueller.  He pointed out that Jackson was a Reagan appointee who
  used to be a Republican precinct captain.  Not much to go on but
         Does anybody on the list know whether one can find on the web
  resumes or brief biographies of federal judges at all levels of
  hierarchy?  I tried to browse but failed. Would appreciate the info.
  Ralph Anspach