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Re: Antitrust Bill of Rights

  On Fri, 28 Nov 1997 17:08:25 +0000, antimonopoly@juno.com (Ralph
  Anspach) wrote:
  >Ralph writes:
  >I hear you.  The interesting question is why Congress,  which is to some
  >extent at least,  response to the public,  hasn't abolished or changed
  >the antitrust laws. So there must be some constitutency out there for
  >fair competition.  Why is it being done by the courts?
  I would say, in response, that as long as Congress is satisfied with
  the result (the practical repeal of anit-trust), why should they
  bother to officially repeal them?
  	Perhaps you mean to ask why the courts got to the job first?
  I think that the judicial branch always reflects elite opinion more
  perfectly than the popular branches of government.  Since effective
  anti-trust regimes inherently reduce the ability of elites to control
  the economy, elite institutions and power centers will be stronger in
  their opposition to them.
  Bill Cooper