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Microsoft response to Nader Conference

  The following is an interesting letter the Association of Microsoft
  Solution Providers (AMSP) is circulating about November 13, 14,
  Appraising Microsoft confernce.   Jamie
  Subject: AMSP update regarding recent press about Microsoft
  Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 13:38:50 -0800
  Recently, you've likely seen a lot of news coverage concerning Microsoft
  law suits with competitors, the recent U.S. Department of Justice
  investigation and Ralph Nader's planned Nov. 13 conference.
  This has prompted many MCSPs to contact us to express their views about
  company and our position on these issues. The Association of Microsoft
  Solution Providers (AMSP) has heard from you as well.
  Both here in Redmond and at the AMSP chapters throughout the US, MCSPs
  been asking us to provide the appropriate contact information to help
  get involved.  Therefore,  respecting the privacy of your e-mail
  address,  I
  am forwarding an e-mail  recently distributed by the AMSP to its
  It contains helpful information about how to educate yourself on these
  issues and share your views if you wish to.
  These are important issues for you and the overall industry.  I know
  AMSP will help you ensure your voice is heard.
  Bill Henningsgaard
  General Manager
  Organization Customer Unit, Microsoft
  -----Original Message-----
  From:   Susuanh@amsp.org
  Sent:   Wednesday, November 05, 1997 4:55 PM
  To:     Bill Henningsgaard
  Subject:        AMSP Membership mail
  Dear Microsoft Certified Solution Provider:
  You're probably aware of the criticism Microsoft has come under from
  the Justice Department as well as from Ralph Nader regarding Microsoft's
  position within the PC industry and what Nader calls unfair business
  practices regarding Microsoft.
  Nader is holding an "Appraising Microsoft and its Global Strategy"
  conference in Washington DC Nov. 13/14 to bring attention to and rally
  support for his stance against Microsoft.  The AMSP is seriously
  about the negative PR and potentially damaging impact that this will
  upon Microsoft and the impact this could have on you and your business.
  want to do all that we can to support the Microsoft position in the
  and their work on setting standards in the PC software market.  As the
  community of third party professionals dedicated to the Microsoft
  of products, we want to speak up loudly to create as much positive PR as
  can both locally within each of your locations and with your congressman
  well as with the DOJ.  We can do this by sharing our views through the
  appropriate influence and media channels.
  Below are three things we are asking of each AMSP member.  Please send a
  letter to Mr. Nader and copy your local congressional representatives
  the AMSP office at http://MSVoices@baydweller.com .  If you have the
  and can take the extra step to communicate through each channel listed
  below, our voices will be heard by more people.
  We have included the letter from the AMSP in response to the form letter
  posted on http://www.cptech.org and key message points that you can use
  drafting your own thoughts on your letterhead.
   <<Message Points.doc>>                  <<AMSP Letter.rtf>>
  NOTE:  If your mail client does not accept attachments, please visit the
  AMSP web site at (http://www.amsp.org/docs/) to obtain copies of the
  attached Word documents.
  Highlights from the AMSP letter include:
           * Solution providers provide an independent viewpoint
           * The browser is an enhancement to the OS
           * DOJ should not restrict MS from developing integrated
           * Competitors agree that the browser is a part of the operating
           * The US economy benefits from MS contributions to the software
           * MS is standards based and open with its information
           * Do not punish success
  1.  Send a letter to Ralph Nader:
  *       Ralph Nader
          PO Box 19312
          Washington, DC  20036
          email to Ralph Nader at www.love@cptech.org.
  2. Send a copy of your letter to:
  *       your local congressman asking for his support of Microsoft in
  issue.  To locate your local congressman check:
  *       opinion@objectivity.org.  This is an independent Web site at
  www.objectivity.org generating views on these and other issues in the
  *       the AMSP business office at this fax #: 972-988-1125 or email
  Msvoices@baydweller.com.  We are collecting these letters for our
  representative to deliver in bulk as a voice from AMSP at the Nader
  conference this month.
  3. Send a letter to the editor of your local daily newspaper.
  *       If you need contact information for your local newspaper, e-mail
  voiceinfo@baydweller.com and we will send them to you.
  This is an extremely important issue to both AMSP and Microsoft and one
  where we as a professional association can take a stance and make our
  heard.  Please take the time to forward this message to every member of
  chapter asking for their help in supporting the Microsoft position
  the industry.  Encourage your members to send letters to the DOJ, Nader,
  their congressman, the editors of their local paper and to the AMSP
  immediately.  Our AMSP Board representative will be leaving for
  next Wednesday and we need all letters in his hand before then.
  For more information on the Nader conference, visit:
  http://www.appraising-microsoft.org; or http://www.cptech.org If you
  interested in attending the event please send e-mail to
  VoiceInfo@baydweller.com and we will send you information about how to
  fellow MCSPs at the event.
  If you would like more information on AMSP, visit our web site at
  http://www.amsp.org, or you may contact me directly.
  Thank you,
  Susan Hanneld
  Executive Director