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Antitrust Bill of Rights (2)

          Even well-intentioned antimonopoly policies fail when those charged
  with their enforcement misread--deliberately or otherwise--the central
  value(s) they are meant to serve and advance.  In my own "model" Antitrust
  Bill of Rights, then, I've sought to make it clear that
  entrepreneurship--self-employment and the job-creation function that is the
  great strength of family-owned enterprises--is one of the key ends to be
  promoted by a sound antitrust policy.
          Again, my journal (below) would like to publish a variety of
  antimonopoly policy programs and my own version here is intended to
  stimulate alternatives by others.  My offering below is #2 of what will
  ultimately be, I suspect, at least 12 elements in my model for the
  consideration of those 200 countries with their plague of monopolies.
          2.  The family farm is the basic building block of national
  sufficiency on the agricultural side.  Similarly, the family-owned and
  operated business enterprise is the heart of every vibrant country's
  commercial and industrial life.  Accordingly, it is the policy of this
  Nation to encourage the maximum number of such family enterprises,
  consistent with efficiency, in every industry and market.   Reflecting this
  high value of family enterprise to the Nation, training in Entrepreneurship
  shall be required in all of its schools, along with the traditional 3 Rs,
  and tests for entrepreneurial aptitudes shall be periodically conducted at
  all grade levels, with advanced schooling in the skills of self-employment
  and job creation for those students displaying an exceptional aptitude
          Charles Mueller, Editor