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RE: Microsoft's Zone

  >    I would agree with both you and Mr. Schultz.   Don't you think this
  > is something that is important for the future of the Web?  I didn't
  > suggest any particular form of action with respect to the Zone site,
  > I don't know if I could think of anything that would be appropriate or
  > useful.  But the movements away from open standards to proprietary
  > standards is something that we are concerned about, and something we
  > would like to have a better understanding of.  I guess that's my
  > What's yours?
  You are correct that this issue of open standards is a concern, just as
  Mr Schultz and I suggested.  However, my point is that this listserv
  seems to have already acted as prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner
  against Microsoft.  As one example, just after my post, you yourself
  posted another message titled "Another example of EI4.0 only Web site".
  Before the flames start, I am NOT trying to defend MS.  I just want to
  point out that not all problems are "MSIE ONLY" sites.
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