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1995 consent decree

  The 1995 case was about anti-competitive marketing of Microsoft's operating
  system.  Specifically, requiring original equipment manufacturers to pay a
  fee even on computers that didn't have Microsoft's OS installed.  The new
  petition concerns Microsoft's practice of conditioning the license to
  install Windows on an agreement to also install the IE browser.
  >Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 11:10:51 -0400
  >From: "Torsten Schmidt" <torsten.schmidt@unh.edu>
  >To: "Multiple recipients of list" <antitrust@essential.org>
  >Subject: Re: M$ Monitor: Justice Finally Gets It!
  >Message-ID: <199710211510.LAA32224@hopper.unh.edu>
  >Wasn't the 1995 consent decree about Microsoft's online service MSN,
  >offered in combination with Windows 95, rather than web browser software?
  >Torsten Schmidt, University of New Hampshire
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