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1/3d 'Concealed'?

          I'm not so sure about the 'spam' theory as an explanation of the 51
  'concealed' members of this list.  I belong to a substantial number of
  discussion groups and have received only a trifling number of commercials,
  virtually none that I would associate with this list.  The 'delete' button
  does a quite adequate job.
          I notice another curious item.  I've been a member of this list
  since its formation and, at my suggestion, a 'counter' was added to its home
  page.  Like most other antitrust lists, the number of visitors ('hits') per
  day had remained well below 100 until very recently.  Yesterday, that number
  was 602--roughly 10 times its prior average.  Is the 'counter'
  malfunctioning?   Or has antitrust suddenly taken a quantum leap in
  popularity--at least on this list?  (Vanderbilt, for example, remains at
  around the 100 mark.)
          On my original question--who would want to 'conceal' his membership
  on this list?--one candidate group that comes to mind might be people who
  have a keen interest in the subject but are, as the saying goes, subject to
  'the political constraints of high office," such as the ranking members of
  the antitrust agencies, e.g., Klein and his supervisory staff at Justice and
  Pitofsky and his chiefs at the FTC.  Then there's always Bill Gates' legal
                  Charles Mueller, Editor