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Help In Building an Antitrust Case

          Post from Carl Person, antitrust attorney in New York, to a
  colleague regarding the antitrust Web site of the ANTITRUST LAW & ECONOMICS
          Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to suggest that you also link the
  following website:
          Antirust Law & Economics Review.  
  The editor is a friend and associate, and his website provides a 
  substantial amount of information about antitrust law which can't be 
  obtained elsewhere. Of particular interest is his "Dirty Dozen" cases 
  (i.e., what he explains as bad antitrust decisions by the Supreme Court 
  which have pretty much ended antitrust law in the U.S., as well as the 
  incomes of attorneys on both sides who used to work in antitrust law 
  and litigation).  Also, you should look at his 62K article "Overview", 
  which is the first of about 14 articles he has put in his website, and 
  finally his article "Elements of an Antitrust Case" a 22K article which 
  helps fledgling antitrust lawyers put together their case.  I believe 
  his website is of value to anyone wanting to learn about antitrust law 
  as it is today, regardless of which side the person tends to represent.
  Many thanks for considering this.
  Carl E. Person
  Carl E. Person, 325 W 45 St NYC. Tel: 212-307-4444; Fax: 212-307-0247.
  Founder of LawMall (tm) http://www.lawmall.com (for plaintiffs);
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