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RE: DOD and the merger

  some time ago I asked Boeing if it would request subsidies from DOD for
  its merger.  From this response, just received, I take the answer to be
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  Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 08:36:48 -0700
  From: "GRP Team, Merger" <Merger.Team@PSS.Boeing.com>
  To: 'James Packard Love' <love@cptech.org>
  Subject: RE: DOD and the merger
  I believe this question was answered in a Q&A published some time ago:
  Q. Will the U.S. Government pay the costs of the merger?
  A. Costs associated with completing the merger are unallowable and are
  not paid by the government.  Restructuring costs incurred subsequent to
  completion of the merger will not be recoverable on U.S. Government
  contracts unless the projected savings to the government are at least
  two times the costs.  Such recovery is also dependent upon approval of
  the Department of Defense.
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  >Did or will Boeing or McDonnell Douglas request DOD subsidies for the
  >merger?  I am referring to the Department of Defense program for
  >subsidizing defense mergers.
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