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Re: AM-INFO digest 90

  On Sun, 21 Dec 1997 20:58:56 -0500 (EST), Declan McCullagh wrote:
  .............big snip..............
  >BTW, if Charles had half a clue, he'd know George Mason's law and economic
  >schools are not particularly conservative, but are instead free-market and
  >libertarian. (How many conservatives opposed the CDA?) The Federalist
  >Society is also generally libertarian.
  I don't have a clue as to what George Mason's law and economic schools are....
  but beyond any theoretical stance, I doubt anyone but their accountants know
  just how free-market and libertarian "they" are.
  Q1 How many conservatives opposed the CDA? 
  A1 All those who stood to pay or lose a pile in business costs related to compliance. 
     (ie not the lawyers or anyone running for office). 
  Q2 How many libertarians opposed the CDA for purely mercenary reasons? 
  A2 see A1.
  How can you tell a conservative from a libertarian?
    -ask them both what they'd do about the government - in a perfect world.
  How do you NOT tell the difference between a conservative and a libertarian?
   - check their books to see which lobbyists they've "contributed" to
  In practice, in THIS world, we all know how many power brokers have both
  those hats hanging in their closets. To wear as the mood or the political
  weather strikes them, to protect, not their head, but their bottom line.
  > Libertarians are not pro-big business...........................
  sorry, I just couldn't type (or even cut &paste) that with a straight face.
  >; they oppose corporate welfare and special-interest lobying. Such
  >as what Charles seems to endorse.
  And we all know how much concerted effort and money has been invested
  in tearing down those two institutions (corporate welfare and special interests)
  and how hugely successful that campaign has been. 
  Big Business is Conservative when it comes to cash flowing outward (their money)
  and Libertarian when it comes to cash flowing inward (other peoples money).
  And when they are REALLY good, you'll never see them change their hats twice 
  in each cycle of the tide. 
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