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Re: A Microsoft Christmas Carol

  > Oh, come on. Back in the CP/M era, ordinary people simply thought a
  > computer would be overkill for the work they were doing -- but once
  > exposed to computers, they took to them with alacrity.
  It was a hobby back though... For those who ONLY wanted to do common chores
  such as word-processing -and not learn how filing systems worked- there was a
  lot of overhead to learn before you got to the real work.
  > It was wonderful to have an operating system that ran on a wide variety of
  > hardware designs. It was wonderful to have dynamic on-screen instructions.
  > It was wonderful to be able to choose a user interface suitable for your
  > work and your tastes. For people who work with text, it was particularly
  > wonderful to be able to keep your hands on the home row, your eyes on the
  > screen, and your mind on your work, and to do *everything people do today*
  Hmmm.... I don't know if I agree with this. It depends on how far you want to
  go back.
  > Sure, it's great that six-year-olds can now use computers. Does that mean
  > we should all pedal tricycles to get around? Come ON.
  I agree. Some users need to expect more of themselves.
  > Speaking of pedaling, for someone who knows what is possible on a computer
  > and who must use a computer eight hours a day, to sit down at a Mac, a
  > Windows machine, or any system with the keyboard layout IBM introduced in
  > 1986, is like riding a bicycle with one pedal missing, or riding along and
  > having the handlebar stem snap in two.
  I've got one of those split in two keyboards.
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