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Re: use of "microsoft haters" by journalist

  In reply to Christopher Pall's message sent 12/19/97 4:29 PM:
  >If we want to get anything into print we need to do it before the stories are
  >written, not after, so reacting to stories is a poor way to go. We need to 
  >our input into stories before they are written. This is the way it is done.
  Yes, I agree. But correcting any given story after the fact is not really 
  the objective. I'm suggesting that, over time, consistent correction will 
  reinforce in the minds of journalists the thought that an audience for 
  the complete story does exist, and that the use of lazy shorthand (such 
  as "Microsoft-hater") simply will not do. To make this work, we need to 
  develop a "party line" as it were, which may consist of a series of 
  factoids and/or sound-bites to be employed in situations where a response 
  to a bad story is needed. It's a matter of marketing, and it will take 
  time and patience to show results. No marketing campaign works over night.
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