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Re: InfoWorld Cooks Data so Microsoft will win

  > Personally, I think a public issue should be
  >made of this, as it can undermine InfoWorld's credibility as an objective
  >source of technical information, which they can ill afford.
  Too late.  At least in my case.
  >importantly, if this article gets attention, it can serve to cause greater
  >questioning of trade press biases generally, and bring Linux forward in the
  >public mind as an alternative to Windows.
  My concern is not that the trade press in general loses some credibility,
  (that would actually be a Good Thing (tm) IMO), but rather that they
  retain what (undeserved?) credibility they have, and maybe even garner
  more, by fortifying people's already held misconceptions. In all fairness,
  this does of course apply to readers in general.  People like to read
  things that are congruent with what they already believe, regardless of
  the accuracy of those beliefs, or the writings. I believe it takes more
  conscious effort to have ones beliefs and still retain an open mind to
  contrary views.  I think most people do not make this effort.
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  to make them for you, then what you are becomes very easy to estimate."