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Re: Not Dead Yet

  On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 16:17:48 -0500 (EST), Glenn T. Livezey wrote:
  >YO SCOTT!  WE"RE NOT DEAD YET! And your offhanded remark ("now that OS/2 is
  >virtually dead") only feeds the big lie and warms the hearts of M$ flaks everywhere. 
  >OS/2 is an operating system (a real OS) that has been declared dead on an almost 
  >continuous basis for 10 years. Yet its apparent vitality is enough to drive a continouous
  >effort to declare it dead. We got enough problems with BG's vendetta and IBM's 
  >propensity for self destruction without "friends like you" adding salt to the wound.
  >I don't think you like to know that the operating system that likely runs your bank is
  >"virtually dead".  And I don't think you meant to be another nail in the coffin. But please
  >stop feeding that selffulfilling prophecy. Let's try an experiment. Lets repeat to ourselves
  >and anyone who'll listen "Microsoft is Dead", "Windoze is Dead", and when its been 
  >repeated as many times in the media as that insult to WARP has been, we'll see which
  >software is still in use.
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  So true, Glenn.  When it comes to moving money it's
  no wonder most ATMs in the world run OS/2.  IBM
  truly knows how to do "plumbing".  Too bad they can't
  sell.  Too bad they haven't become an ombudsman
  against desktop monopoly.
  Someone's 'tag line' I saw recently said it all; apologies for ripping
  it off or misquoting...
  "The most demented sin today is to be able to distinguish the
  difference between excellence and success."
  Erick Andrews