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Re: Not Dead Yet

  YO SCOTT!  WE"RE NOT DEAD YET! And your offhanded remark ("now that OS/2 is
  virtually dead") only feeds the big lie and warms the hearts of M$ flaks everywhere. 
  OS/2 is an operating system (a real OS) that has been declared dead on an almost 
  continuous basis for 10 years. Yet its apparent vitality is enough to drive a continouous
  effort to declare it dead. We got enough problems with BG's vendetta and IBM's 
  propensity for self destruction without "friends like you" adding salt to the wound.
  I don't think you like to know that the operating system that likely runs your bank is
  "virtually dead".  And I don't think you meant to be another nail in the coffin. But please
  stop feeding that selffulfilling prophecy. Let's try an experiment. Lets repeat to ourselves
  and anyone who'll listen "Microsoft is Dead", "Windoze is Dead", and when its been 
  repeated as many times in the media as that insult to WARP has been, we'll see which
  software is still in use.
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