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Re: Microsoft's Reponse

  In reply to Dale Williams's message sent 12/14/97 9:56 AM:
  >Pending further proceedings, the Court issued a preliminary injunction
  >concerning the licensing of Windows 95 to computer manufacturers. It allows
  >Microsoft to continue to offer to OEMs the full Windows 95 product, which
  >includes Internet Explorer, so long as the OEM has the option of installing
  >that portion of Windows 95 that does not include IE 3.0 or 4.0 files.
  This is becoming par for the Microsoft course. That last line is a real 
  doozy. Which portion of Windows 95 are we talking about here? 
  Every company of any size has its PR functions, but I seriously doubt 
  that any other believes so fervently in its own propaganda. This is 
  Microsoft's possibly fatal personality flaw: They have a nearly Orwellian 
  capacity for internalizing their own, blinkard lies.
     Mitch Stone
     Editor, Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms 
     Access to power must be confined to those who 
     are not in love with it.  ---Plato