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Microsoft's Reponse

  Un-deterred - the Microsoft publicity machine rolls on and reading this side
  of the story - it would certainly seem as if nothing happened.
  -- from ms web site
  Microsoft Responds to Courts Preliminary Decision
  December 11, 1997
  Microsoft said today it is gratified that Judge Jackson denied the Justice
  Departments petition for an order holding the company in contempt of court
  for allegedly violating the consent decree. The Court has agreed with
  Microsoft that discovery and further proceedings are necessary before any
  final decision can be issued. The Court ruled that any decision at this time
  on whether Microsoft is violating the consent decree would be "premature."
  Pending further proceedings, the Court issued a preliminary injunction
  concerning the licensing of Windows 95 to computer manufacturers. It allows
  Microsoft to continue to offer to OEMs the full Windows 95 product, which
  includes Internet Explorer, so long as the OEM has the option of installing
  that portion of Windows 95 that does not include IE 3.0 or 4.0 files.
  "This is a preliminary decision. The Court agrees that more fact finding is
  necessary and there is now a process for moving forward on this matter,"
  said William H. Neukom, Senior Vice President for Law and Corporate Affairs.
  "We are looking forward to the opportunity to provide further evidence and
  legal analysis, and we are confident that at the end of the full process we
  will prevail. We remain confident that continuing to innovate and integrate
  technologies is good for the software industry and good for consumers," said
  The Court also denied those portions of the Justice Departments petition
  that concerned non-disclosure agreements between Microsoft and companies
  with which Microsoft does business.
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