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Re: Rules of Engagement?

  ** Reply to note from cmueller@metrolink.net Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:59:04 -0500 (EST)
  > No one in this group seems disposed to challenge the two members who've
  > engaged here in the lowest form of name-calling against me.
  Guilty.  I am guilty of not pointing out that the verbal attacks were
  unnecessary, rude and crude.  It should be noted that it reduced my
  opinion of the credibility of the name-callers by a large margin, but
  that does not relieve me of my guilt.  My response to these incidents
  when they happen to me has usually been to ignore the guilty party, to no
  longer acknowledge the person's responses -- even proper ones.
To call
  them on their behavior usually results in an escalation of abominable
  This list has shown incredible intolerance toward other viewpoints. This
  intolerance is expected toward Microsoft propaganda because we have
  suffered their lies for a very long time, and Microsoft is even more
  intolerant of anyone who has a different opinion from them.
  Off-list I have been called names that I expect to be used in street
  brawls -- make no mistake, it has been done by members of this list.
  It is time to end this immature behavior.