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Re: Judge issues order against Microsoft

  Ben Drasin wrote:
  > Does anyone here seriously think that OEM's will now feel free to not
  > bundle MSIE with Windows, considering MS still holds them by the  royal sweets
  > and willcontinue to do so for the forseeable future? And what is the
  > enforcement if MS continues to ignore?
  >     Seasons greetings,
  >     Ben
   Prior to this order, OEM's could suffer financial loss (i.e. could not offer
  the OS, which
  basically removes their product from the shelf) if they did not load
  IE explorer. At least now,
  in principle, they have a choice.
  The next step (no pun intended) is to get things set up such that an OEM
  suffers no financial pinch by providing a selection of OS's to the consumer.
  And at the same time, get the consumer to understand that there are other
  choices available to them.
  Paul Richardson