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Re: Judge issues order against Microsoft

  At 8:08 AM -0500 12/12/97, Ben Drasin wrote:
  >Does anyone here seriously think that OEM's will now feel free to not
  >bundle MSIE with
  >Windows, considering MS still holds them by the royal sweets and will
  >continue to do so
  >for the forseeable future?
  >And what is the enforcement if MS continues to ignore?
  >    Seasons greetings,
  >    Ben
  Not only that, but Justice is aiming too low. Despite MS's loud
  ballyhooing, unbundling Internet Explorer would only be a minor setback,
  particularly if they can continue to give it away free.  Did people see
  what happened to Oracle's stock?  I would credit that to MS SQL Server and
  the NT displacement of Unix, above all.