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Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail

  On Wed, 10 Dec 1997 20:36:04 -0500 (EST), moonwolf@earthling.net  wrote:
  >Topic No. 6
  >Subject: Re: Undoing Monopoly by E-Mail
  >** Reply to note from cmueller@metrolink.net Tue, 9 Dec 1997 19:15:22 -0500 (EST)
  >> After all 270 of us have given the 535 members of Congress our
  >> individual experiences and thoughts on the Microsoft monopoly (and its
  >> costs to the country), will they know everything we know about it--and
  >> everything they need to know to cure it? If not, it'll be our fault. We
  >> have the means. We just didn't do our jobs as citizens.
  >Has anyone ever sent e-mail to our politicians before?  (If not, why
  >not?) What will happen from 100% of them is that you will get an
  >automatic form e-mail response telling you that they have been using
  >e-mail since before computers existed (grin), but PLEASE include your
  >postal address so they can contact you about your e-mail (another form
  >letter).  They will also thank you for your concern, and tell you that if
  >you are a constituent of theirs (by your postal address) they will indeed
  >take your thoughts to heart.
  >Now, whether or not they are informed of what was in the e-mail is
  >entirely up to the subordinate in charge of compiling and sorting the
  >I don't mean to be cynical about this, or throw a damper on the fire --
  >but ya gotta remember of who you are talking about, our POLITICIANS.
  Being guilty of the same cynicism, I must say that I have been pleasantly
  surprised by what appears to be a thoughtful reply (without claiming authorship
  of the idea for the transistor) from one particular Senator (on a different issue)........so it 
  does happen! (a genuine congressional response - or my delusion of one).
  That's the joy of increasing your N, the more you try, the greater the chances of
  observing a representative (no pun intended) from all regions of the spectrum.
  You can't make anyone read the paper kind (letter) either, nor really listen if you
  happen to get to talk to them. But, all we can do is our part, write it and send it.
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