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Re: Part of the Microsoft Agreement

  In reply to Christopher Pall's message sent 12/7/97 8:48 PM:
  >DCOM95.  You may only use copies of the DCOM95 component on computer(s)
  >for which you have licensed Microsoft Windows operating system
  >What does this mean? Why is it necessary to mention DCOM95 in
  I'm not sure about DCOM95 specifically, but this clause in the software 
  "agreement" is apparently included with all Microsoft software these 
  days. Why Microsoft's shysters insist on this language is a matter of 
  some speculation. The reasoning I've picked up is that it gives Microsoft 
  the right to determine what OS you can use to run the software. For 
  example, it might be "illegal" to run it under OS/2, or perhaps on a Mac 
  running SoftWindows or Virtual PC -- or any other OS developed in the 
  future that could potentially run Windows software. 
  Only Microsoft knows exactly what this means, but you can be certain of 
  one thing: it's not for our benefit.
     Mitch Stone
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     If the price seems too good to be true, it generally is.
                                   -- Jim Lowe, Microsoft attorney