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Re: DOJ Reply, More than IE

  Foreigners don't vote in the USA, I agree, yet the DOJ is not
  insensitive to international affairs.
  When foreigners indicate how Microsoft creates information security
  risks at both hardware and software levels, making it easy for organized
  crime and international crime syndicates to gain access to e.g. banking
  services and financial services online or the telecommunications
  infrastructure for moneylaundering and other practices, things become
  hairy and the DOJ becomes sensitive.
  I know, I am from Aruba, I have a web site which is frequented by more
  visitors from Slowakia, the Czech Republic and former Soviet
  territories/republics than I feel comfortable with, just because the
  site is full commerce and industry oriented.
  In countries like Aruba, and believe me there are many other countries
  ou there just like it, Microsoft rules supreme. So technologies based on
  Microsoft platforms rule supreme. So security risks linked to Microsoft
  platforms rule supreme. So foreign issues creaing national security
  risks for the USA rule supreme.
  I know what I am talking about, I have dealt with these issues in Aruba
  I know the USA is the leading, if only SUPERPOWER in the world, yet that
  does not entitle the USA to become complacent. On the contrary it has a
  responsibility towards the US electorate and in a non-legal sense over
  international issues.
  It is a regrettable US idiosyncracy to neglect the outside world, and
  think everything will fall into place all by itself.
  So neglect the rest of the world. Next thing you know Microsoft is
  running its entire show from abroad, while in full compliance with
  whatever the DOJ might rule in the States.
  Yet the DOJ does not have any jurisdiction oustide the USA. Want to have
  Microsoft run the rest of the world first and then annex the USA?
  What do you think Teledesic is all about and did you for one think that
  the satellite launch facility (located NOT IN THE USA) for the Teledesic
  satellites will not provide services to third parties?
  Foreigners don't vote in the USA. But they can certainly embarass the US
  government by pointing out severe flaws in international policies and
  national jurisdiction which have desastrous effects on the US economy.
  Do you know which company is one of the driving forces in getting the
  European Monetary Union and all of the electronic and software
  technologies ready for global commerce and financial services using
  smart card card technologies, in which scenario the dollar will receive
  stiff competition from the EURO currency?
  The US are lagging behind in investments in Latin America, trailing the
  So foreigners don't vote in the USA. Yeah right.
  But they do react to foreign input. And the issues at hand are
  international in scope.
  Forget the legalese. Look beyond the ruling in its strict sense.
  What is at stake is not as much if the US DOJ should restrict Microsoft
  on its home turf, as send a clear signal that will also be heard abroad.
  Killing Microsoft only on its home turf is like taking out only one
  enemy combat unit and calling the war won because the enemy has been
  Milton Ponson
  James F. Marshall wrote:
  > On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 21:40:58 -0500 (EST), Milton Ponson wrote:
  > >The DOJ will be very sensitive to FOREIGN input.
  > Nonsense.  Foreigners don't vote in the U.S.A.
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