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Re: DOJ Reply, More than IE

  Congrats are in order.
  Following up on the DOJ reply how about making a systematic listing of
  software and hardware technologies in which we know Microsoft/Bill Gates
  is active?
  On each category we can have people react with specific detailed
  accounts of their experiences which indicate corporate behavior in
  violation of free enterprise and/or representing monopolistic
  So we need a categorical listing of hardware and software covering all
  sectors of business, industry and commerce AND military applications.
  Anyone out there know of a good systematic listing of hardware and
  software we can start working on?
  Let's put on our thinking caps and get to work.
  The Internet is all about democratic principles, empowerment and
  collaboration, transcending national borders.
  Let's NOT limit ourselves to the USA but also get Europe, Latin America,
  Asia and Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand) jump on the
  The AM-INFO list should be made known in other continents.
  The DOJ will be very sensitive to FOREIGN input.
  Milton Ponson
  Techne Data
  claribba wrote:
  > I received this email from the DOJ:
  > >Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding the Microsoft Corporation.
  > >Currently the Antitrust Division is conducting investigations into several
  > >computer markets, including web browser products, operating systems,
  > >and streaming technology.
  > >
  > >For a copy of the press release and other public papers relating to our
  > >October 20th decree enforcement action please see our web page
  > >(www.usdoj.gov), call our Legal Procedure Unit (202-514-2481), or
  > >send written inquiries to 325 7th St. NW, Suite 215, Washington, D.C.
  > >20530.  As the other investigations are ongoing, all other current
  > >information is confidential.
  > >
  > >Thank you for your correspondence and your recent interest in effective
  > >antitrust enforcement.
  > >
  > >The Antitrust Division
  > >U.S. Department of Justice
  > >
  > >
  > I do hope that those of you who can, will contact the DOJ of any concerns
  > you have with monopolies and business practices, not just Internet Explorer.
  > Brian Goodstadt of Standard & Poors Equity claims that this is current DOJ
  > inquiry is the tip of the iceberg and may lead to other investigations.
  > For the above item plus more links than you can probably read, check out:
  >         http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,15416,00.html
  > In the meantime, M$ is busy getting into banking, law document resources,
  > integration of IE and NT, and.....????
  > If you missed any of the Monday night "Nightline" tv programs, you can get
  > summaries at: http://www.abcnews.com/  by following links from the home
  > page by clicking on ABCNEWS SHOWS.
  > Claire Macdonald
  >> TECHNE DATA, level.seven@setarnet.aw,POBOX 1154, ORANJESTAD, ARUBA <<