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Re: My Venerable 386

  In reply to charles mueller's message sent 12/4/97 3:32 PM:
  >        It hasn't escaped me that, on a discussion list with 270 computer
  >experts, one should be able to get at least a small amount of good
  >consumer-shopping advice.  For example, the New York Times (12/2/97, p.
  >B12), praises the IBM Aptiva E16 ($999) as being superior to competing
  >machines in that price class.  (Frugality is both a principle and a
  >necessity with a small journal such as ours.)  Is that praise justified or
  >is it just journalistic hype for a big advertiser?  
  The question of "journalistic hype" aside, you are faced with the choice 
  of buying the IBM and shoving a few more dollars into Bill Gates' hip 
  pocket (he obviously needs and deserves it), or spending the same money 
  on a Macintosh, and getting a better product.
  To paraphrase a bit of pop culture, "obsolete is as obsolete does." I run 
  my business on four-year-old Macs, and have never once experienced this 
  sensation of obsolescence. But I have experienced the warm, fuzzy feeling 
  of knowing that I've exercised my freedom of choice, and done my part to 
  forestall the inevitable.
  It is inevitable, isn't it?
     Mitch Stone
     Editor, Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms 
     If the price seems too good to be true, it generally is.
                                   -- Jim Lowe, Microsoft attorney