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Re: Texas AG retiring

  Save your breath, John.
  Last week Gen. MORALES did his "here is my poll, so how much
  will you ante up" bit. Being an old Democratic wheel-horse,
  I got his pathetic letter. He came up dry. My low opinion of
  him is pretty widespread in Texas..
  The pitiful Microsoft gesture was no more than one Assistant
  AG's lateral pass, not a Hail Mary forward pass. A serious
  Texas AG could single-handedly break Microsoft using fine,
  old  Texas laws. The silly nuisance suit is just John
  GOODHOPE's bid at getting some out-of-state travel funded in
  order to look for another job. My guess is that he will end
  up working for the Telephone Monopoly.
  For anti-trust laws to work there has to be political
  strategy, discipline, and action behind them. Do not look to
  Vichy Democrats like MORALES for that. They are leaving
  Austin and surrendering even before the Republicans have
  opened fire.
  John N. Bryan wrote:
  > The news yesterday was that Texas AG Dan Morales
  > announced that he will not seek re-election in
  > '98, citing "time with the family" as the reason.
  > I wondered how this will impact Texas' ongoing
  > investigations into Microsoft's business practices
  > in Texas.
  > Sorry to see him go.
  > -John B
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