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Re: Supply and Demand

  > In reply to Christopher Pall's message sent 11/26/97 12:47 PM:
  > >But Netscape never tried to integrate itself into an existing OS monopoly
  > >in order
  > >to assimilate new customers.
  > No, they never had that particular opportunity. Before Microsoft began
  > the integration effort, though, they did give away the product.
  Netscape does not have the source code to any operating system, since Netscape
  does not produce operating systems.  Therefore, it is impossible to integrate
  it's browser into the operating system.
  Netscape did give away the browser a couple of years ago when Netscape was
  still a venture capital based company, as part of the venture agreement. 
  Since then, Netscape has had to actually make a profit because, as I mentioned
  above, Netscape doesn't have an existing monopoly to leverage it's products