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Re: Military and NT

  Being Military, I can tell you what is happening to us.  We are being
  forced to switch to NT (from Novell) regardless of the fact that Novell is
  by far, more secure and a much better product overall.  Everyone wonders
  WHO was paid off, cause this is costing the tax payers millions and
  millions of dollars.  It will cost my base atleast 2M by itself.  Our
  servers are not "NT Certified", our virus software will need changing, our
  management software will need changing, etc.  The servers will have to be
  increased, the clients bought (1700+), etc.  Not to mention that our
  servers are doing very well right now, and they are only P100's and
  P166's.  With NT they will have to be P200 Pro's atleast.  The e-mail
  program (Exchange) will require 18 more servers (and NT, Exchange) by it's
  HQ tells us they will not support anything else and they will not fund
  anything else.  I just wish I could switch to NT overnight, for a week,
  just to show them how stupid this "plan" is!
  TSgt Paul Ingels
  claribba wrote:
  > This morning I read at:
  > http://www.abcnews/sections/scitech/battle1124/
  > that the Marines being "tired of Unix" have now switched to NT.
  > I have no knowledge of NT, but wonder if it poses any security risks such
  > as are to be found in WIN98.
  > Will M$ be able to sign up the entire  US military?
  > In an unrelated note, do any of you rememer the "competitor's" upgrades M$
  > was holding a couple of years ago?  If you had a version of Lotus 1-2-3 and
  > would send in proof, you got a rebate when you ordered Excel.  There were
  > other products with the same rebates.  Probably got a lot of people to
  > switch using this as bait.
  > Claire Macdonald
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