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Re: MS OS and MS Applicaitons - How leverage works

  The Gleick article referred to has finally been posted on the Times 
  Website at www.nytimes.com; I found it by running a search for 
  articles written by James Gleick.
  On 24 Nov 97 about MS OS and MS Applicaitons - How lev, James Love 
  <love@cptech.org> wrote:
  >      The past few days there have a few articles which talk about the
  > ways that Microsoft is seeking broad integration of Windows (3.1, 95 or
  > NT) operating systems with Microsoft applications as a way of
  > "leveraging" the OS market share for the applications. This was the
  > topic by James Gleick's interesting "Justice Delayed" in the November
  > 23, 1997 New York Times Magazine (not on the Web at this time), my own
  Kris Shapar
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