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Re: Nation piece

  On Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:12:34 -0500 (EST), Pieter Nagel wrote:
  >Microsoft is on trial, not because of the quality of its software (a
  >lot of it *is* good), but because of bussines practices. Microsoft is
  >on trial, not because Win NT is less stable than OS/2 or Linux, but
  >because of how they market it. Microsoft is on trial, not because
  >they are supposedly the root of all evils in the computer world, such
  >as consumers making ill-informed choices, but because the are
  >illegally leveraging a monopoly.
       And don't forget that it's an illegally obtained monopoly too.  M$
  was able to build their OS monopoly by using illegal OEM contracting
  that in essence kept all the competition from having their products
  preloaded by retailers.  Without those years of M$ getting away with
  the 'cpu tax' we wouldn't need to be discussing this today.
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