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Re: Nation piece

  In reply to Scott K. McGrath's message sent 11/23/97 4:15 PM:
  >Consumers are -not- going to rise up in revolt against Microsoft in -my-
  >lifetime.  Hell, if you ask someone what word processor they use, they'll 
  >likely say "Windows 95"...
  >They do not know the difference between an application and an operating 
  >and, frankly, they don't care... The fact that some company has an illegally
  >obtained stranglehold on the market means zip to them.  -If- they decide to
  >change their word processor, and that is a -BIG- -if-, they'll have to 
  >their operating system.
  Don't be so certain. At least, I am not so completely pessimistic. The 
  American public's brand loyalty runs about a mile wide and and nearly an 
  inch deep. It is frustrating, to be sure, that the vast numbers of 
  computer consumers are so bloody ignorant and sustain Microsoft's 
  hegemony by their default choice-making. That's certainly on the deficit 
  side of the ledger.
  But the awful truth is that even the best of our technology is pretty 
  dysfunctional, and Microsoft's technology certainly isn't counted among 
  the best. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before the general 
  public begins to feel oppressed by the pervasive and often pernicious 
  impacts of technology on their lives, especially bad technology, and will 
  begin to openly resent its purveyors. Add this to the cumulative effects 
  of 20 years of corporate downsizing, and consider that we may just be on 
  the verge of a major change in national psychology. For historical 
  precedents for this sort of cultural earthquake, look to the progressive 
  movement that was created a century ago partially as a result of fighting 
  the railroad monopolies. 
  My sense is that there's genuine dissatisfaction growing out there, and 
  it will only spread with each effort Microsoft undertakes to pretend it 
  out of existence.
     Mitch Stone
     I think a lot.
          -- Bill Gates  
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