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Re: Nation piece

  Pieter Nagel wrote:
  > I also don't quite agree with the "the vast majority of consumers are
  > idiots" postulate. Look at the hi-fi and car market: a lot of people
  > are at least *pretending* to make informed, techinical decision based
  > on quality.
  It is often said 90% people use only 10% of the features, and to my own
  experience it is true. They buy a product for features they won't use.
  Some are even proud of couple of features of the product they are using,
  but never are using this couple of features  ;-)
  When choosing software/hardware, often people hear good advices from
  people who know no more ! ill-informed advicing ill-informed, blind
  conducting blind ! M$ seems to take part of it !
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