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Re: How Much Has Bill Overcharged America?

  ** Reply to note from mcgrats@ix.netcom.com Sun, 23 Nov 1997 10:03:00 -0500 (EST)
  > That's an irrelevant number. Professionals pick software based on two
  > criteria which are both at level 1. Functionality (will it do what I
  > want it to do?) and Return on Investment (Will I make money by using
  > it.)
  Maybe someone should ask Aetna how much they over-paid for their
  software, how their professionals picked out that software, and what was
  the return on investment.
  Aetna, to those who missed it, just upgraded their computers last year
  to the tune of $50 million.  The "off-the-shelf" software they started
  using was the cause of their "misplacing" 40% of the physicians that
  were on their rolls -- and not paying them.  It is estimated that it
  will cost them up to $500 million to correct the problem.  Of course,
  that's just a rough estimate.
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