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Re: How Much Has Bill Overcharged America?

  Charles Mueller (cmueller@metrolink.net) wrote --
  >         Bill Gates is costing America a great deal more than his price
  > overcharge--the excess of his price over the one that would prevail in an
  > effectively competitive software industry.  An even larger item, I suspect,
  > stems from his savage killing of creative competitors who, if allowed to
  > grow in a healthy competitive software environment, would have yielded
  > untold gains in new and better technology.  In court, though, Bill's rich
  > lawyers will portray all those non-price losses as "mere speculation."
  Hmmm. From http://www.cuenet.com/archive/wordstar/97-11/msg00128.html --
    I talked to a... representative... and, unfortunately, it is true, they
    are out.... But, because of the number of sales (over 70 in one week),
    they are actively searching for more copies.... To put this in prospective
    [sic], 70 sales in a week compares to a high of about 2 or 3 software
    sales per week for this company for some of their popular titles.... He
    also mentioned that [the product] was popular at their computer shows. So,
    he said, [it] still has a good, recognizable name.... The gentleman I
    talked to was particularly impressed by overseas's sales....
  That product embodies the standards-based design philosophy that in 1986
  I realized Windows intentionally prevented developers from following.
  Dan Strychalski