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Re: Unbelievable

  moonwolf@earthling.net wrote:
  > Bill Gates exclaimed at the last shareholder's conference that he had
  > already planned on integrating IE into Windows "before Netscape was
  > founded." 
  In fact, I remember in 1988, or beginning 1989, M$ telling its market
  policy : to integrate every interesting software into Windows (even if
  at the time Windows success was far lesser than now). They did recognize
  that all other firms must then abandon their products and start
  making/selling software corresponding to an higher architectural level.
  Then M$ will buy those new software, gain an architectural level, and so
  the other firms must then sell one level higher, ... 
  1) So in their mind people (in a greater number than now) were already
  aware that M$ will more and more sell software not made internally,
  2) Microsoft publicly stated that it is very good for the market,
  because the other firms on the market (yes, the *other*, not Microsoft)
  will have to develop ever and ever brand new soft, at highers levels...
  3) ... and speed. To the speed M$ will buy.
  4) when a product/firm is bought by m$, its opponent know they will have
  to abandon their products, and start conceiving new ones.
  5) Microsoft assured it will iteratively not lead to a monopoly,
  forgetting to mention point 6).
  6) M$ is making easily a lot of money, its opponents haven't the time
  Nota : Microsoft always forget to mention money power (here points 3 &
  6). Without considering it, like lots of people are doing, you truly are
  going to the conclusion that M$ is almost an humanitarian association.
  James Love and Ralph Nader have the same conclusion in "Le Monde
  Diplomatique - November 1997" previously posted :
  >      Some say Microsoft is a blessing because it has given us
  > inexpensive software and made it easier for consumers to share and
  > exchange documents and data.
  3 keywords : Microsoft, blessing, inexpensive. (and "easier" also)
  That's what people have in fact behing the mind, or even *in* the mind,
  when you speak with them : Microsoft=inexpensive=blessing and
  Microsoft=easier=blessing or Microsoft=quality=blessing.
  That's what Microsoft is trying to put in our minds. It has a lot
  succeded. If you try to make a little change to the equalities, you're
  generally considered as not serious, even with skilled people.
  This is bad, but this is the law.
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