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Re: Unbelievable

  ** Reply to note from jnelson@bga.com Thu, 20 Nov 1997 21:46:58 -0500 (EST)
  > Pray, how might the DOJ have known about Microsoft's alleged intent to
  > integrate an Internet browser into the Windows software before the
  > current settlement was entered into? When -was- this negotiation
  > begun? Nonetheless, this seems outrageously far fetched. I am in
  > slack-jawed amazement at what these people are offering in their
  > defense. I will be sorely disappointed if any of this is deemed
  > anything other than a shameless, weak attempt to justify their hand in
  > the cookie jar after agreeing not to do so further. I believe it will
  > portend a darker future for the industry and the consumer if the
  > result of this DOJ proposed action is handled as ineffectively as the
  > one in which it now finds itself in defense of.
  Bill Gates exclaimed at the last shareholder's conference that he had
  already planned on integrating IE into Windows "before Netscape was
  founded."  Obviously another attempt to re-write history.
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