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WSJ Today

  The narrow case against MS is made in a WSJ op-ed today by
  the former Republican head of the anti-trust shop at DoJ,
  now a private attorney for Netscape etal. This is not
  satisfying to me as patriotic and progressive strategy, but
  it is a small point well made and necessary to any other
  agenda I can think of.
  It is embarrassing to me that the Attorney General of Texas
  did not make these matters the basis of a civil action two
  years ago under state law in federal court with the threat
  of huge fines and the sort of vigorous investigation only a
  Texas AG with balls can conduct when dealing with criminal
  activities under civil law -- the basis for punative damages
  in Texas law. Just think of it Bill Gates up against Walker,
  Texas Ranger.
  But, our wimp is looking for something easy to do, not
  anything to run risks trying to get done.
  Good Luck and PLAYON JRBehrman sends.....
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