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A couple of observations

  CNN, the Cable News Network is a well recognized brand name. I recently accessed
  their web home page, and was interested in a feature called "InfoGlobe", a virtual
  reality modeling language device which allows one to 'spin the globe' and click on any
  'hot spot' like Iraq for news about that area. To use it, you have to download a VRML plug in
  and the one for Netscape pulls down, sure enough, ActiveX, the MS Java virtual 
  machine, and others, appearently all MS products.
  - - - -
  One eyebrow raising tactic in NT is a "Netware Gateway". A Netware server w/ a license for
  'X' users will only let X number of users connect. The MS gateway actually allows that number
  to be exceeded (albeit with a performance penalty). To quote from "Mastering Windows NT4"
  by Mark Minasi, p. 597:
  	"Where things get really strange is when you install the Gateway Service, which is
  	only available for NT Server. After you install it, any workstation that is connected
  	to your NT Server machine can also see the NetWare drive."
  	"(In case your wondering, I'm told that it IS legal to put those twenty-two users
  	onto Novell via NT because the Novell licenses are not per user, but per connection.
  	Novell sees just one connection, so it's legal. In fact, I imagine that the legality
  	question will boil down to which of the two companies can afford the better lawyers"