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Re: "Infinite Defects"

  On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 13:24:55 -0500 (EST), Pieter Nagel wrote:
  >>       Many of our politicians here in the US have received campaign
  >> donations from M$ too, so even if the DOJ forces M$ into another consent
  >> decree I doubt they'll have the political courage to do more than slap
  >> them on the wrist again.
  >Hmmm. Personally I would prefer using the taxpayers' money to fund
  >campaigns, if it were illegal for companies to donate to political
  >election camapaings.
       Although I realize this is a little off-topic I agree with you 100%.
   There are many who say it would cost taxpayers too much to finance
  campaigns but I don't think they're looking at the other side of the
  equation.  Sure it costs money to finance all those campaigns, but I
  believe we'd save 10X that much when the only people the politicians owe
  anything to are the taxpayers.
       That said I know this will never happen.  Those who currently hold
  the purse-strings for today's politicians aren't about to allow them to
  vote away their only source of influence....it's disgraceful.
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