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Apple Architecture

  (Omitting all  foregoing discussion)
  As one of the Rhapsody developers on this list--in the Apple Technology
  Seeding program, which is free with a $250.00 membership in the Apple
  Developer Program, which allows you to get developer releases of
  Rhapsody for PPC and Intel, both of which have shipped--
  I can say:
  Rhapsody as shipped in developer release runs on the Mach (Not "Mach 5",
  which is not a Mach release, AFAIK, but Mach < 3), _not the Windows NT
  kernel_.  This is, effectively, the NextStep architecture.  There are
  new features for running MacOS programs in a VM called the "Blue Box".
  Next runs on Mach microkernels, which have nothing specific in common
  with NT's "microkernel", AFAIK.  A Mach server depends on a tasking
  model and virtual memory model which do not exist in Windows NT at the
  kernel level, and does not require services which in NT _are_ in the
  kernel.  A Rhapsody machine could be thought of as a next-generation
  GUI, hosted on a UNIX base, hosted on Mach.  
  Much as I worry about just what "cooperation" between Apple and M$
  engineers actually means for developers and customers, I do NOT worry
  that Apple has anything to gain from M$ "microkernel technology."  
  I more worry about M$ buying/stealing much of what is unique and
  valuable from the Next system, and encorporating it in the NT gaping
  Matt Benjamin