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Re: Apple Architecture

  ><rough memory>
  >Kinda reminds me of an Imus in the Morning bit back when Edmund Muskie
  >dropped Tom Eagleton from the Democratic VP slot.  The bit had his Walter
  >Cronkite impersonator intoning the names of people Muskie had approached
  >to become VP.  The joke was that the list was apparently endless with
  >Howdy Doody and Clarabell the Clown being part of it along with legitimate
  >humans who had already turned down the offer...
  ></rough memory>
  >Scott K. McGrath
  Gosh, Scott.
  I am sorry that this is probably totally off topic.
  But might you be related to Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring?
  I always thought she was cool, and Clarabell, too.
  Hey, maybe Big Brother Dollar Bill Gates wants us all to be propeller 
  heads like Flub-a-Dub, to be in the Peanut Gallery, and relegated 
  exclusively to Windows.  [Golly, where are the Honeymooners now
  that we should need them already?]
  All the Best,
  Erick Andrews