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Re: Apple Architecture

  Gee... Isn't this "agreement" what Microsoft has exacted out of each of
  its "partners" in the past?  Those now referred to as "The Former
  Companies"? (RealAudio is going to be -next- now that Microsoft has come
  out with a competing technology...)
  I wonder what Jobs was smoking the night he took Gates' 30 pieces of
  silver... Or is it that he -hates- Apple that much?
  And I wonder if the reason why Apple is having such a tough time getting a
  new CEO is because nobody wants it now that Microsoft is involved?
  <rough memory>
  Kinda reminds me of an Imus in the Morning bit back when Edmund Muskie
  dropped Tom Eagleton from the Democratic VP slot.  The bit had his Walter
  Cronkite impersonator intoning the names of people Muskie had approached
  to become VP.  The joke was that the list was apparently endless with
  Howdy Doody and Clarabell the Clown being part of it along with legitimate
  humans who had already turned down the offer...
  </rough memory>
  Scott K. McGrath
  Mitch Stone wrote:
  > In reply to Matthew Benjamin's message sent 11/17/97 6:42 AM:
  > >Much as I worry about just what "cooperation" between Apple and M$
  > >engineers actually means for developers and customers, I do NOT worry
  > >that Apple has anything to gain from M$ "microkernel technology."
  > >
  > >I more worry about M$ buying/stealing much of what is unique and
  > >valuable from the Next system, and encorporating it in the NT gaping
  > >maw.
  > If I understand correctly, the agreements between Microsoft and Apple
  > provide for _patent_ sharing, not copyrights. Which means, I believe,
  > that Microsoft is not entitled to use of the NeXT/Rhapsody code.
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